The most powerful cannabis POS system for retailers and dispensaries

Manage inventory better, find new upsell opportunities, increase sales and reduce losses with streamlined retail operations using SellTreez POS.

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Not just another cannabis POS system

Innovating for you

We launched SellTreez POS in 2016 and continue to innovate every day to ensure we’re delivering the most powerful set of solutions for your cannabis retail and dispensary business. 

Better service

Every SellTreez POS client has a dedicated customer success manager, backed by 24/7 support. No exceptions.

Greater profits

At the end of the day, we’re invested in your bottom line. That’s why our cannabis POS system is built to optimize every part of your business, and maximize your profits.

Drive greater profitability at every level of your business

We built SellTreez POS to solve key pain points pain points for cannabis dispensaries and retailers at every stage of growth.

Inventory Management


Multi-store Management


Customer Management

Cash Management

Product Management

Omni Channel

Inventory management

Take control of your supply chain

Say so long to the days of managing your inventory in spreadsheets. SellTreez POS gives you an easy, accurate way to view and control inventory, purchasing, and management across your supply chain.

  • Streamline reporting, error resolution, stock counts, and more
  • Identify top-selling SKUs to drive sales and improve margins
  • Easily track product nearing its expiration to mitigate loss

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Get the full picture of your retail performance

Gain deep new insight into key business metrics including revenue, margins, inventory sell-through rates, budtender performance, and more. With SellTreez POS, analytics are built right in and don’t require separate software or analysts.

  • Make data-driven decisions faster and easier
  • Drive customer loyalty with more personal in-store experiences
  • Unlock streamlined workflows tailored for your region, like the AZ MET-1 tax reporting dash

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Multi-store management

The single source of truth for all your stores

No matter how many locations and people you have, Treez brings everything and everyone together.

  • Give everyone the access they need, when they need it
  • Delegate responsibilities more effectively, across locations
  • Stay apprised of actions taken across all your stores
  • Improve security with self-service user onboarding and deactivation

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Navigate complex compliance standards

Treez directly integrates with state compliance tracking systems like Metrc.

  • Automate Metrc reports and manifests
  • Eliminate the need to update multiple systems of record
  • Keep your state reporting system and POS aligned with bidirectional integrations
  • Easily identify action items with automated compliance to-do lists

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Customer management

Keep customers happy and moving

Treez streamlines check-in and sales workflows by automatically applying all relevant customer information during each phase of the shopping experience.

  • Reduce workload for your security and receptionists
  • Drive customer loyalty with more personal in-store experiences
  • Decrease customer wait times

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Cash management

More money, fewer problems

In a cash-heavy industry like cannabis, managing your cash is key. SellTreez POS helps protect your money and mitigate loss.

  • Easily manage and reconcile cash drawers for every shift
  • Customize settings to fit your operational practices
  • Manage vendor payments and track the movement of cash

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Product management

Connect your product catalog with in-store experiences

From product images and descriptions to lab results, Treez enables your team to build out more accurate and informative product cards.

  • Maintain a single source of truth for product data
  • Ensure customers always see the most up-to-date product info
  • Make it easier for sales staff to find the right information
  • Build customer trust with complete, accurate offerings

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Omni-channel sales & fulfillment

Bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar

Give your customers more convenient and accurate order fulfillment options.

  • Offer your customers access to interactive product menus
  • Reduce customer confusion and duplicate orders by unifying your in-store and online product menus
  • Integrate with your choice of e-comm platforms for better customer experiences

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World-class products.

Built especially for dispensaries

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