TreezPay One Application: An Answer to Cashless Payments Confusion

Camille Demere

The recent Mastercard ban on cannabis transactions serves as a stark reminder of the unique and dynamic challenges dispensaries face when it comes to payment processing and financial services. Hundreds of dispensaries were left in a lurch, unable to accept PIN debit payments, reminding us of the Cashless ATM crackdown in December ‘22. 

The shutdown has had immediate financial consequences for some retailers, with potential customers turning on their heels and walking out the door as soon as they hear the establishment is currently cash-only. We know that there are a multitude of reasons why retailers should combat a cash first cannabis industry, including that: 

  • you're leaving money on the table when your dispensary is cash only, 
  • other payment options are available 

Since 2018, Treez has offered vetted and integrated cashless payment solutions to provide redundancy and optionality to you and your customers. In response to the clamor for reliable options, TreezPay has built out the TreezPay One Application, a common application that lets you apply and get expedited approvals for all of our cashless payment options. After submitting your application one time, you could be approved for every TreezPay product including PIN Debit, ACH, and Credit. By gaining approval for multiple products, retailers can nimbly navigate the dynamic cashless payments space. Complete the TreezPay One Application today, and discover how easy it is to add a new payment method on Treez, any time you want. 

Effects of Going Cash Only

With the constant ups-and-downs of payments in the cannabis industry, it’s tempting to consider throwing in the towel and going old-school. But the fact is that going cash-only is not just an inconvenience, it's a revenue sink.

An illustration depicts cash, torn and messy in a wallet with the subtitle 1993. Opposite, a clean, shiny new debit card sparkles, with the subtitle 2023.

Here are some reasons why going cash-only in 2023 is a bad idea:

  • Loss of Revenue: Dispensary operators who are cash-only are losing massive amounts of money. Customers are walking away if they can't use their cards.
  • Alternatives Available: Treez offers a variety of integrated cashless payment solutions, including PIN debit ACH, and integrated credit. 
  • Cashless Payments Collect: Accepting cashless payments boosts order value, decreases transaction time, and allows merchants to increase revenue by 25% and average order value by at least 20%. 

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Don't be left in the lurch accepting subpar solutions. Treez offers additional integrated cashless payment solutions to ensure you never revert to cash-only amidst an outage.

What to Expect with the TreezPay One App:

Application Screenshot of TreezPay One Application shows Business information, corporate information, bank information, owners and admins and more fields to fill out

1. Log into your TreezPay account. Don’t have an account? Create one.

2. Start your application from the dashboard.

3. Need to step away? Save your progress at any time and return when you want.

4. If at any point you need assistance from Treez, click Need Help to contact support from within the application.

Convenient and Flexible Application Process

The TreezPay One App comprehensively collects all necessary info to allow you to apply for all TreezPay products, including integrated credit, integrated PIN debit, and Swifter ACH. 

Not sure what products you need? No worries. Fill out the TreezPay One App with no obligation to sign up for any TreezPay product. Select the products that work best for you with your TreezPay representative.

If you need to add or change your payments offerings down the road, you’ll already have everything needed in place with Treez to start the process right away. 

In the middle of the application and need to take a break? Save your progress with confidence and return to the app when you want to. 

Interested in Learning More but Not Ready to Apply Just Yet? Reach out to your TreezPay Account Manager to learn more about the application process.

Treez created the TreezPay One App not just to facilitate a broader range of payment options for our retailers but also to reflect Treez’s commitment to security, compliance, and understanding of our industry's unique needs. Filling out the TreezPay One App is the best choice for your dispensary to get a handle of the tumultuous payments landscape. Take control, stay ahead, and maximize the convenience and security of your payment solutions with TreezPay.

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