Protect your ability to accept cashless payments

Keep your cashless solutions up and running no matter what by ensuring redundancy in your options. Apply for all TreezPay cashless payment products at one time with the TreezPay One Application.

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Avoid significant downtime

The cannabis payments space is unpredictable. Get approved for additional options so Treez can get you up and running on cashless payment alternatives if and when there is a shift in the cannabis payments landscape.

"I never thought I'd find myself impressed by a merchant processor application, yet somehow TreezPay One has done it. Getting signed up takes less than a minute, and the application itself is a breeze compared to any other process I've personally encountered during my 7.5 years in the cannabis industry. I am blown away by the efficiency of being able to sign up for Credit Card, Debit and ACH processing with a single application. "

Tyler Licata, Higher Level

Applying is easy!

Via a safe and secure digital portal, the application takes 30 minutes. If you need assistance, Treez has dedicated support available within the portal.

Fill it out once and can get approved for all TreezPay cashless payment solutions, reducing the amount of paperwork needed for multiple applications.

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Let your customers pay their way

Diversify your options and let your customers pay the way they want. By providing multiple payment options you're satisfying customer needs while protecting your ability to always accept cashless payments.

Apply for all TreezPay cashless payment options

Debit Payments

• Fastest payment solution with 24-hour turnaround times

• Increase average order value by 20%

• Increase budtender tips by 120%

Credit Payments

•Preferred payment method for 70% of consumers

• Increase average order value by 30%

• 100% acceptance rate

ACH Payments

• Enable in-store or online payments through an eCommerce integration

• Budtender tipping available for in-store and online orders

• Increase Average Order Value by 40%