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Our vision at Treez is to power the global cannabis economy. We’re relentlessly focused on providing technology and insights that fuel the cannabis industry’s global growth.

Our Story

We're driven by our core values

  • Stay Curious

    Ask why. Search more. Participate. Innovate through relentless curiosity. Everything starts with understanding the problems.

  • Present Solutions

    Actionable solutions overcome obstacles and motivate through a growth mindset. Problems are opportunities to grow.

  • Embrace Simplicity

    Simplify everything.

  • Empower Candor

    Be vulnerable, be respectful, solicit feedback, listen with intent and act on what we say. Being real with each other saves time, builds trust, and drives personal growth.

  • Drive Outcomes

    Deliver fast, iterate quickly, innovate sustainably. Every outcome we drive gets us closer to our vision.


Treez launches with POS

Seeing that the cannabis industry was growing in size and complexity, we launch our flagship POS system.


Treez raises $11.5 million

By 2018, Treez was processing 15% of total cannabis sales across California. Our growing traction allowed us to close our Series A funding.


Insights and payments

We expand our product offerings to better serve cannabis businesses. Treez also closes a Series B round of funding.


Now serving 12 states

After closing our Series C funding, Treez continues to expand.

Today we’re proud to serve businesses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and New Jersey.

Trusted by leading cannabis businesses


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Our team

  • John Yang

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    John Yang co-founded Treez in 2016. Prior to Treez, John was a consultant at Slalom Consulting - ranked #3 in the world for business technology consulting and specializing in program management, business process improvement, software development, CRM solutions, and business intelligence. John was also a consultant with Accenture as an experienced information technology management professional.

  • Shareef El-Sissi

    Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

    Shareef El-Sissi partnered with John Yang and co-founded Treez in 2016. Shareef is the CEO of California based vertically integrated brand, Eden Enterprises. Shareef’s direct and ongoing hands-on experience in the cannabis industry is an essential part of the continued evolution of the Treez platform. Shareef helps the Treez team find new ways to automate processes and modernize cannabis commerce.

  • Suresh Khanna

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    Suresh Khanna holds deep experience in leading and scaling high-growth technology startups across sales, marketing, customer success, growth, product, and fundraising. Notable roles include successful tenures as CRO and President at NextRoll, where he grew revenue from $3M to $150M, as well as Director of Sales at Google where he led North America new business sales for Google's ad platform. He spent several years in enterprise software at SAP and Siebel, and most recently co-founded Pieces, a startup enabling developers to save, search, and reuse code snippets using AI. Khanna also co-founded the award-winning Kasa Indian Eatery restaurant chain, where he has had an operator's view of the POS, payments and e-commerce needs of retailers since 2008.

  • David Yan

    Chief Financial Officer

    David Yan is responsible for strategic, operational, and governance initiatives at Treez. David came to Treez in 2019 with a track record of success with over 15 years of experience in leadership to high-growth SaaS and data companies for both SMB and enterprise markets. He has held VP of Finance positions at both Womply and Wrike (exited to Vista Equity Partners) as well as various positions at Twitter and other growth stage venture backed startups after starting his career at KPMG.

  • Joey Sterling

    Vice President of Product

    Joey Sterling is based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and oversees Treez’s overall product strategy, execution, and go-to-market plans for the company’s enterprise cloud commerce products and integrations. He has been at Treez for over 5 years where he has amassed a tremendous amount of customer, product, and industry knowledge.

  • John Ucciferri

    Vice President of Marketing

    John Ucciferri has nearly 20 years experience in leading marketing teams within high-growth B2B SaaS and SMB startup businesses. Before Treez, John led the marketing organization at ShopKeep, the then #1-rated point-of-sale and payment processing provider for over 20,000 small businesses. John oversaw marketing strategy and operations for ShopKeep up to and including their acquisition by Lightspeed Commerce Inc. (NYSE: LSPD), a publicly traded commerce platform for retailers and restaurants.

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