Top 10 Reasons You Should Work with Treez

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A person waits with cash to purchase cannabis - at the same time, a budtender checks over an order on the cannabis point of sale system and prepares to hand over a preroll and other cannabis products to the customer

Whether you are a brand new cannabis retailer or one that is established and growing, choosing the right commerce platform for your business is essential. And while we’re by no means perfect (but, seriously who is?), we at Treez believe that our product and service is something you should strongly consider to help you operate a successful modern dispensary.

To help show you why, we’ve put together this handy list of the top 10 reasons you should work with Treez!

1. Compliance - The cannabis industry is full of complex compliance standards, and retailers need simple solutions to keep up with the over-complicated regulatory landscape. Treez provides you with a suite of tools that help ensure compliance and minimize risk to your business and your employees.  

2. Stability - Treez runs on a secure, cloud-based platform that enables you to run your business with peace of mind. Have confidence that your technology works in the most critical hours. Built on AWS with industry-leading standards for reliability and monitoring. 

3. Open API Platform - Unlike some of our competitors, Treez provides an open technology platform. That means we will work with any partner to provide you a choice of the best-of-breed solutions based on your specific needs. We believe this approach will provide the most optimal customer experience possible.

4. Point of Sale - TheSellTreez robust point-of-sale solution combined with comprehensive retail management capabilities empowers you to increase transactions, control inventory, optimize workflow, and fulfill omnichannel sales. 

5. Customer Management - With SellTreez Customer Management, streamline the check-in and sales workflow by applying all relevant customer information during each phase of the shopping experience. Decrease customer wait times, increase customer loyalty, and achieve higher average order values all while building a database of customers you can market to.

6. Inventory Management - SellTreez Inventory Management empowers retailers to quickly and accurately manage all aspects of inventory while mitigating compliance risk and monitoring the overall health of your store’s inventory performance. 

7. Omni-Channel Sales - Offer customers a broader range of shopping experiences across multiple channels with interactive menu and purchasing options to increase sales. From in-store to e-commerce with delivery or pickup, meet your customers where they want to buy.

8. Cashless Payments - As the cannabis industry continues to mature, so do the expectations of your consumers. With TreezPay, you can deliver secure, convenient, integrated cashless payment solutions that increase revenue and elevate your customer experience. We’ve seen some retailers experience a 40% increase in average order value and a 26% increase in monthly revenue with our in-store and online cashless payment options.

9. Data Insights - Our AskTreez data analytics platform provides you with real-time insights and in-depth inventory knowledge to create comprehensive, centrally-managed retail management dashboards to report across their entire operation. Start making more informed business decisions around sales strategies, marketing efforts, store management, and supply chain planning.

10. Support - Sitting alongside all of our impactful and innovative products is our 24/7 customer support. You can navigate our easy-to-use support site, post questions on our community board, or speak directly to a Treez representative to get help immediately. We’re always there for you!

Bonus Reason:

11. Innovation - At Treez, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation within the cannabis space. From our open technology platform approach to our best-in-class data insights, we’re always looking for ways to bring new, innovative solutions to you, our retail customers.

Now that you’ve read a little of what Treez can do for you, we’d love the chance to show you even more!

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