Your point of sale should enable your success–not slow you down.

Your POS is the backbone of your retail business. Look past glitzy marketing efforts and pick the system that delivers value, backed by a viable business.

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Why choose Treez over Flowhub?

Upgraded tech, without downtime

A day of lost sales is no vacation in Maui. Delayed product releases that deliver little-to-no added value for your business, cause frequent glitches, and even require you to shut down for a day to update? You deserve better.

Tools to reduce unnecessary labor

Streamline your operations by cutting out hours spent on manual data entry–from intake to Metrc inventory adjustments–with workflows built with a deep understanding of how dispensaries operate. Plus, access dozens of best-of-breed integrated partners to fit your unique needs as you grow.

A team who is dedicated to your success

You need responsive, quality support from people who are as committed to your success as you are. Get round-the-clock support, a dedicated customer success manager to help you make the most of your tech stack, and an entire team who’s going to get down in the weeds with you (our CEO included).

Fast, out-of-the-box insights

Drive decision making with data without the needs for CSV exports or manual manipulation. Treez Retail Analytics empowers every stakeholder to expedite strategic moves–and results.

No hidden fees

Comparing pricing isn't always apples-to-apples. Treez gives you transparent, all-inclusive pricing so you can spend less time keeping track of fees and more time deriving value from your POS.

Stable cashless payments that drive revenue

Don't be limited to a single payment offering for your customers. Treez offers numerous integrated cashless payment solutions that are proven to boost AOV by 25%.

The industry’s most successful dispensaries need better.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Soon after opening their doors, Megan’s Organic Market realized their current POS system wasn’t able to keep pace.

• Inconsistent data quality, unreliable uptime, and incompatible workflows were harming the customer experience and inhibiting their ability to make informed decisions about the business.

• After switching to the SellTreez POS, Megan’s Organic Market was able to increase their average order value by 28% while reducing customer transaction times by 70%.

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“Treez supports our culture of care and compassion through improved processes. It allows us to be thoughtful and patient with customers vs. other stores who just try to rush customers through with the goal of higher volumes.”

Sarah Wells, New Store Opening Director (Megan's Organic Market)

"Our team approached Treez because we needed a more robust system with continuous support. Treez has gone above and beyond our expectations by listening to our needs and delivering on them."

Ally Goff, Owner & General Manager (Nature's ReLeaf)

"Treez is fantastic! Everything from the usability to its support team. I have worked in retail cannabis for 10 years and general retail for another 10+, and it's by far the best POS I have ever used. It's easy on the eyes, low stress to manuever and very intuitive. We have been using Treez for 3 years now and we couldn't be happier with it."

Andrew Keiswetter, Retail Operations Manager (The Woods)

"Treez was a huge step up from our previous POS system. It has made my job easier in every aspect!"

Jared Weimer, General Manager (Kinship Cannabis Company)

"Treez has been such a wonderful platform for our team. The reporting alone is a great reason to make the switch to Treez–it's why we did. Once we got on board, we found many more benefits, including their messaging and support team, their many relationships with other cannabis businesses that can help greatly increase sales (our favorite being TreezPay), and their time saving abilities, such as the direct Metrc connection. Overall, we are very happy with Treez, and I would highly recommend them to any dispensary."

Erin Farrell, General Manager (The Refinery Michigan)