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At Treez, we’re united by our passion to build amazing tech and services for cannabis businesses everywhere, at every stage of growth.

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Our mission

Accelerate the global growth of the cannabis industry

Through the power of our technology and insights, we’re giving cannabis businesses the tools they need to grow faster, smarter, and safer than ever before.

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Our secret sauce

We give a sh*t

We’re proud to partner with with hundreds of top companies across every segment of the cannabis industry. Why? Because we know that a strong partner ecosystem makes for a better cannabis industry.

Our model

If you win, we win

Our entire business model is tied to the success of our customers. The more you sell, the better Treez does. That way, our interests are always aligned.

Our products

Guided by your feedback

We build fast and listen closely. Because our success is tied to yours, we’re always reaching out to learn how to build even more impactful products for our customers.

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Two hands are shown surrounding a cannabis POS. One hand passes a debit or credit card to the sales associate budtender, to purchase cannabis products in a dispensary without using cash
The Complete Guide to Cashless Payments for Cannabis Dispensaries
Learn more about cashless payments for cannabis dispensaries and how it impacts business growth for retailers.

Hear from our customers

We switched to Treez from another provider. With Treez, we don’t just feel like customers. We feel like partners.

Josh Ditton, Owner, Green Tree Relief

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