Increase sales with integrated cashless payments

With TreezPay, offer secure, convenient, integrated cashless payment options that increase revenue and drive better customer experiences.

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The power of TreezPay cashless payments

Increase revenue

TreezPay clients see an average increase in monthly revenue of over 25%.

Reduce risk

Reduce cash on-site by up to 30%.

Simplify shopping

Reduce your average ticket times by up to 15%.

One application for all

Streamlined application for approval across all available cashless payment options, offering 4x more solutions per application compared to traditional methods.

  • Safe and secure digital portal
  • Single application for all TreezPay cashless payment offerings
  • Easily track application progress for each store

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Give shoppers the payment choices they want

Turn your business into a payment-processing powerhouse.

Card payments


Card payments

A trusted experience

Accept payments via debit card at checkout.

  • The fastest payment solution, with 24-hour turnaround times
  • Increase average order value by 20%
  • Increase budtender tips by 120%


Enable 1-click payments

Allow customers to securely link their bank account to pay for purchases with a single click.

  • Transfer funds securely between bank accounts
  • Enable customers to pre-pay for orders and order online
  • Online ACH orders drive, on average, $40 higher sales totals