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How Successful Dispensaries Operate Intentionally to Drive Revenue Growth

A recap of strategies that successful dispensaries employed to drive revenue growth. Insights from Embarc's journey and the power of Treez in optimizing operations.

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Embarc cannabis dispensary storefront in Fresno, California, illuminated by bright sunlight with a clear blue sky backdrop

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The Treez logo is displayed over a green integration illustration. Below that is the Metrc Connect logo, depicting the fact that Treez is the first POS integrated with Metrc's v2 API integration, Metrc Connect
Better Data Validation, Reduced Errors and Lag: Treez Announced As First POS in Cannabis to Leverage Metrc Connect
Treez point of sale customers now have access to 26 new endpoints not available in Metrc's v1 API service through Metrc Connect. This exclusive access allows for more stable and efficient connections with Metrc, enhancing data validation and reducing errors. 

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