Go cashless for Green Wednesday

Increase your AOV, budtender tips, and revenue by diversifying your payment options.

Check out our Green Wednesday deals! Get up to $3000 in free hardware terminals when you sign up by 11/22/23.

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Get up to $3000 in free hardware terminals when you sign up by 11/22/23*

One application for all

Applying for cashless payments is easier than ever. Get pre-approved for all TreezPay cashless payment products at one time when you fill out the TreezPay One Application.

  • Safe and secure digital portal
  • Single application for all cashless payment products
  • Apply for all cashless payment offerings in under 1 hour

Boost your cashflow with Lendica's PayLater

Easily delay vendor payments with a simple click in the SellTreez POS portal using Lendica's PayLater feature. Stock up on the hottest items for Green Wednesday and let Lendica pick up the bill, enabling you to make more purchases and be ready for the second busiest sales day of the year.

For Treez customers who enroll, the first month of lending up to $10,000 comes with no fees.

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The key to a smooth and successful Green Wednesday

Increased basked size. Last Green Wednesday, average order value increased 25% when compared to cash

Reduce transaction time. Get people through the line faster. Paying with card or ACH reduces average ticket time by up to 15%

Improve reconciliation. Our fully integrated products take out the work of manual entry - simplifying end of day reconciliation

Get pre-approved for all TreezPay cashless payment options

Debit Payments

• Fastest payment solution with 24-hour turnaround times

• Increase ticket values by $10-$20 per transaction

• High acceptance rates

Credit Payments

• Most convenient option for customers

• Average transaction amount of $104

• 100% acceptance rate

ACH Payments

• Embed payments into your eCommerce for online orders

• Enabled budtender tipping

• Increase Average Order Value by 40%