Budtender Referral Program

Are you a budtender who knows the cannabis industry in and out?

Your connections could bloom into something bigger with Treez exclusive Budtender Referral Program – designed to reward your industry insights and network like never before.

Plant a referral

Cultivate Connections, Harvest the Benefits

Grow your wallet with green when you submit a dispensary referral to Treez.

We're offering exclusive reward tiers to budtenders from the moment they drop a referral:

  1. $50 Visa Gift Card
    Plant your referral with Treez and get rewarded with $$.
  2. $350 Visa Gift Card
    When your referral meets with the Treez team, you'll get paid 7x the initial amount.
  3. Custom Pair of Nike Sneakers
    If your referral becomes a Treez customer, we'll celebrate in style by gifting you a custom pair of Nike's.