Introducing the most powerful ACH payments solution for cannabis dispensaries

Camille Demere

In the cannabis industry, where security, compliance, and seamless transactions are top of mind, finding the perfect digital payment solution is a game-changer. That's where our new ACH solution, TreezPay ACH steps in—designed to empower dispensaries and revolutionize the customer experience. TreezPay ACH is now available for all Treez customers.  Is your dispensary ready to step into the future of cashless payments?

What is TreezPay ACH?

ACH is a flexible, dependable, and robust digital payments solution that caters to the unique needs of cannabis retailers. With the strict regulations that govern our industry, ACH stands out as the most compliant and secure payment option available. With the acquisition of Swifter in Fall 2022, Treez added cutting-edge technology to our TreezPay offerings that enables the seamless integration of ACH solutions for both in-store purchases and online transactions.

Our integrated ACH solution provides a seamless customer experience, ensuring your clients have a stress-free and swift checkout process. Both in-store and online transactions meet the necessary legal requirements, offering peace of mind for both dispensaries and customers.

Why Choose TreezPay ACH?

Streamlined Onboarding and Fast Support

Our well-written APIs allow you to integrate TreezPay ACH in as little as 30 minutes. You'll receive onboarding assistance, backed by 24/7 support, ensuring you receive fast and reliable technical assistance quickly throughout the process.

Supercharge Your Growth

Customers who pay online with ACH tend to buy more and shop more frequently, leading to increased transactions, customer loyalty, and average order value.

On average, dispensaries using ACH see approximately a 2x increase in cart value compared to cash payments. And when compared to all other available payment methods like cash, PIN debit, credit, and cashless ATM, ACH brings in an average order value of $110, the highest Average Order Value by a significant margin.

ACH is far and away the highest earner for AOV at ~$110, cash is the lowest at $53.82.

Competitive, All-inclusive, Per-transaction Pricing

Our TreezPay team can offer you the best rates in the cannabis industry for ACH payments. Our per-transaction pricing allows payments to grow with your dispensary’s utilization.

Prevent Order Abandonment

Did you know? About 20% of dispensary online orders are canceled by the customer or just not picked up. Prepaid orders have nearly a 100% fulfillment rate. By offering prepay options with ACH, you can significantly reduce the rate of order abandonment, creating predictable sales days.

Increase Budtender Tips

Enable your customers to tip on their online orders during the checkout process. Stores with high cashless payment adoption have seen budtender tip amounts increase by a staggering 120% on average per transaction. That’s like if your budtenders normally receive a $1 tip on average per transaction and after adding cashless payments, they’re tipped $2.20 on average per transaction.

Returning customers can check out in less than 5 seconds, making it even faster than traditional card swipes. TreezPay ACH works flawlessly for online orders, in-store payments, and even during delivery, for convenience at every touchpoint.

Seamless Customer Experience

TreezPay ACH creates a seamless customer experience, reducing friction at checkout and streamlining the payment process. Customers can easily link their bank accounts, with an average setup time of slightly more than 50 seconds.

Returning customers can check out in less than 5 seconds, making it even faster than traditional card swipes. TreezPay ACH works flawlessly for online orders, in-store payments, and even during delivery, for convenience at every touchpoint.

Flexible Integration

TreezPay ACH shines in its flexibility and integration capabilities. Retailers can embed ACH into their eCommerce solutions, enabling customers to conveniently "Pay Now" for their online orders.

Notable eCommerce integrations include Dispense, Mosaic Green, and Treez eCommerce, with integrations imminent. At Treez, we’re dedicated to making ACH available to as many clients as possible. If you use or work with an ecommerce provider that should be integrated with our ACH solution, ask them to integrate with the newest secure payment solution in cannabis. TreezPay seamlessly supports ACH for in-store purchases, allowing customers to link their bank accounts by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices.

Rewards, Refunds, and Cancellations are Synced with SellTreez POS

Because Swifter ACH is seamlessly integrated with SellTreez POS, retailers can reward their customers for using the payment method, boosting loyalty, plus efficiently handle refunds and order cancellations directly inside the POS. TreezPay ACH and SellTreez POS synchronization simplifies operations and ensures customer satisfaction. Experience the power of integrated solutions for a seamless payment journey.

"TreezPay ACH is built to make reconciliation and reporting easier for the finance team. Right from the manner in which the payments are settled, to the level of detail available on the merchant dashboard, my workflow is greatly simplified thanks to [TreezPay]."

- Heather Fraser, Cannabis Industry Accountant

The Benefits of TreezPay ACH to Your Customers

Skip the Line!

Your customers can breeze through the checkout process, spending less time waiting and more time enjoying their purchases.

Reduced Customer Friction at Checkout

It takes the average first-time user slightly more than 50 seconds to link their bank account, while returning customers can pay in less than 5 seconds. Our 1-click checkout is supported online, in-app, and in-person, making it the ultimate convenience for your customers.

Prepay for Convenience

Customers can prepay for online orders through Dispense, Treez eCommerce, or Mosaic Green, ensuring they can pick up their purchases hassle-free.

Delight Your Customers

Customers who use ACH have reported being 10 times more delighted than those who didn't. Our quick and convenient checkout process leaves a lasting impression on your customers, encouraging them to return.

Built in Rewards

It’s a win-win when customers can earn rewards by linking their bank account, utilizing a secure and easy payment method, and can draw upon rewards points the next time they pick up.

[TreezPay ACH]'s are clear and easy to work with and I was able to set up the payments integration without any trouble.

- Tim Officer, CTO and Co-founder, Dispense

Security and Compliance You Can Trust

We understand the importance of compliance in the cannabis industry. That's why TreezPay ACH is 100% compliant with the stringent laws and regulations governing cannabis. Unlike other payment solutions in the gray area, ACH provides a zero-risk option for your cannabis business.

Mitigating Risk and Empowering Reporting

TreezPay ACH powered by Treez equips dispensaries with robust risk mitigation features and powerful reporting tools, ensuring smooth operations and informed decision-making. Dispensaries can delve into detailed insights behind failed payments, track high-risk customers, and actively monitor any malicious activities related to rejected payments. The comprehensive reporting features provide detailed customer history and risk mitigation reports, enabling dispensaries to identify and address potential issues swiftly.

The platform also offers powerful automatic reporting, allowing you to 

  • track and reconcile transactions accurately 
  • monitor a payment’s status in real time
  • track transaction growth easily
  • have visibility on returns inside ACH reconciliation 

[TreezPay] is always improving. They have been exceptionally cooperative, open to feedback, and they go above and beyond to work with us on making sure our members get the best solution available.

- Synthia Weires, Customer Support Lead, SPARC Dispensaries

Integrating TreezPay ACH powered by Treez into your dispensary is an investment in the success and growth of your business. With low introductory rates, effortless ACH payment solutions, and a seamless customer experience, signing up is a no-brainer.

Join a growing network of satisfied TreezPay users and revolutionize the way you accept payments. Together, we can unlock new opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, and elevate your dispensary to new heights.

Ready to Experience the Future of Payments?

Join a growing network of satisfied TreezPay ACH users and revolutionize the way you accept payments.

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