Top Budtenders and Running Incentive Programs Using Retail Analytics

A screenshot of Treez Retail analytics is shown with the Budtender Performance section highlighted, and Employee Sales Performance Comparison chart pulled up - with selected employee vs. store average employee on a average order value comparison

Who's on top? Use Budtender Performance to set up in-store incentive programs to improve your budtenders' attendance, morale and sales numbers. Retail Analytics provides you an easy, up-to-date way to enable your team to do their best work.

Retail Analytics not only gives you the data you need to run your cannabis business effectively, like Product Line Performance and Sales Performance by Revenue Source, but it also offers valuable insights into your budtenders' performance. Whether you're tracking performance weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you need the tools to see a well-rounded view of how each budtender is contributing to your business.

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