Monitoring Employees Performance inside Retail Analytics

A screenshot of Treez Retail analytics is shown with the Budtender Performance section highlighted, and Employee Sales Performance Comparison chart pulled up - with selected employee vs. store average employee on a average order value comparison

Your business can only perform as well as your people. Find out which budtenders are onboarding with speed, who is leading the pack, and who needs more coaching. Empower every stakeholder to hit metrics like average transaction time, average order value, and more using Budtender Performance under Sales inside Retail Analytics.

Bookmark Budtender Performance as a go-to dash and ensure all employees on the sales floor, regardless of how long they've been working at the dispensary, are getting professional development, education, and insights into their selling habits and efficiency.

Budtender Performance allows for granular analysis, whether you're looking taking a closer look at a single store or comparing performance across multiple locations. By continuously monitoring these metrics, you're better equipped to make data-driven staffing decisions that can contribute to your bottom line.

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