How to Empower Budtenders with Data

A smiling blue haired person is superimposed over a dashboard illustration of Retail Analytics by Treez. A colorful wheel is shown with brand names as "brands sold in September"

Your budtenders are your first point of contact for customers. New and experienced cannabis shoppers trust budtenders to recommend products and to guide their in-store experience.

As data-driven cannabis industry veterans, we’ve curated the top statistics and metrics your budtender needs to see every time they log into Treez. The Budtender Dashboard is a personalized, easily digested panel for each budtender employee in your organization.

We shared the first look at Budtender Dashboard in Retail Analytics at our January webinar, Dank Data: How to Drive Dispensary Profitability & Operational Efficiency.

The Budtender Dashboard makes it possible for budtenders to see how they stack up against their coworkers, both at their location and across the organization. Each time they log in, users can see their Average Order Profit and Average Order Value across time, compared to goals set.

Managers expect their budtenders to help consumers find the right product, upsell additional products and maximize margins with the products that sell. As a manager, you can create incentivized competitions in-store based on real-life, actionable data. Use sellable velocity and average order profit to find product types or brands that aren’t moving like they should. Have your team identify one or more products to try to move the needle on. Identify incentives to reward your success as a team. Use the Budtender Dashboard (and the companion Budtender Performance view for managers) to track that movement on a daily basis.

Does a new or struggling budtender need support and coaching? From their first day as a trainee, Treez puts budtender sales data into your employees’ own hands. So everyone can see unintentional brand or product bias, overuse of employee discounts, and how their averages rank against their peers all in the same dashboard.

By easily displaying the most important front of house metrics for budtenders, Treez Budtender Dashboard creates empowered stakeholders out of every one.

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