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A streamlined application for approval across all available cashless payment options, offering 4x more solutions per application compared to traditional methods.

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The key to a smooth and profitable 420

Increased basked size. Last 420, average order value of cashless payments was 50% higher when compared to cash.

Reduce transaction time. Get people through the line faster. Paying with card or ACH reduces average ticket time by up to 15%.

Improve reconciliation. Our fully integrated products take out the work of manual entry - simplifying end of day reconciliation.

Increase Average Order Value

Break free from cash only limitations by offering payment options that allow budtenders to upsell products. After  allowing debit card payments, on a holiday like 4/20, retailers see an increase in ticket values of $35 on average.

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Eliminate the need for budtenders to manually enter transactions into the Point-Of-Sale with Treez’s fully integrated Debit Payment Solutions.

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Reduce in-store transaction time by 12% when you offer cashless payment options. Cutting down on cash transactions not only speeds up transaction times, but also reduces human error. The math is done for you, making for smoother checkouts and seamless closing procedures at the end of the night.