How treez

conquered California


Treez was founded by John Yang, software expert, and Shareef El-Sissi, experienced Garden of Eden dispensary owner and CEO of Eden Enterprises. Treez was born from a desire to operate a dispensary remotely and eliminate the need to be at the physical dispensary location on a daily basis. By joining forces and designing a point of sale software system exclusively to meet dispensary owners’ needs managing front of store, point of sale, back of store, and other operational systems, the two entrepreneurs built a dynamic software system that serves the retail management needs of the cannabis community in a powerful and unique manner.

Because Treez was entering an established market with plenty of competition, their goal was to a new, better solution to the largest operators in California by building a product that served the most demanding customers in the most demanding state. In so doing, they were able to take a larger market share than any other provider. Currently, over 30% of CA's transactional cannabis-related volume runs through Treez, and that number is growing every month.

Cannabis operators nationwide look to California to set the bar for how things should be done. In cannabis, it’s often said, “as California goes, so goes the nation.” By purposefully designing the system to meet the specialized needs of the Golden State’s foremost enterprise clientele, Treez quickly became the gold standard for cannabis retail management software.

Treez offers retail cannabis businesses a powerful and intuitive point of sale solution and management system software that helps manage operations from seed to sale. Grow Treez helps cultivators grow their business on the most powerful platform available in the industry and offers brands the control over how their customers view their products and experience their brand. Treez is fully Metrc-compliant.

There is simply nothing out there quite like Treez. Schedule a demo today, and see why Treez is the preeminent seed-to-sale cannabis software platform for cannabis dispensaries and cultivators in the United States.