Maximize profitability with ready-to-use product data

Drive sales and boost customer loyalty with less legwork. Achieve high quality, complete product listings without having to spend countless hours of your team's time on sourcing and editing product data, thanks to Treez's latest product innovation.

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Boost sales

Eliminate inconsistencies in product information that cause confusion amongst employees and consumers alike, improving both in-store and ecommerce sales with better budtender recommendations and a more cohesive online shopping experience.

Save hundreds of hours of labor annually

Save up to 40 hours per week in labor by eliminating the need to self-source product details, allowing your team to focus on more important work without sacrificing the quality of your product listings.

Improve customer loyalty

With higher quality, accurate and complete product data, you'll enable your customers to purchase more confidently and be more satisfied with their choices – so they'll keep coming back to you for more.

Complete & Accurate Product Data

• Reduce the time your team spends sourcing and curating product information

• Treez provides verified product details that align to the highest data quality standards

• Better product data quality unlocks more accurate and specific insights in your reporting

One Central UI to Manage Products

• Manage your entire product catalog for every store from one central interface

• Eliminate repetitive work to achieve consistent product listings across your organization

You Maintain Control

• Choose whether to leverage the Treez Global Catalog or stick with your own product details

• Use verified product data as-is or make select edits to fit your own brand voice and preferences