Experience the Most Powerful Ecommerce Platform in Cannabis – *High Demand, Limited Availability*

Treez Ecommerce is the only ecommerce platform as deeply connected to your dispensary operations as your point of sale. Demand has exceeded capacity – claim your spot on the waitlist for the industry's most retail-integrated ecommerce solution today!

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Why Treez Ecommerce?

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You deserve to be found

Increase organic web traffic and sales with full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, including built-in, industry-tailored pages that help your site stand out amongst the competition.

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You deserve seamless discounting

Leverage BOGO deals, rewards, and product-level discounts without friction, all integrated directly with – and managed centrally from – your point of sale.

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You deserve ownership

Create an online shopping experience that maximizes your revenue by eliminating unwanted pathways to competing retailers, and without having to share your customer data with third parties.

POS-Integrated Native Ecommerce

• Boost organic traffic to your website from Google and other search platforms with an online menu that lives directly on your dispensary's main website

• Say goodbye to iFrame and marketplace solutions that hurt your own site's SEO ranking and provide pathways to competing retailers

• Streamline operations and nix customer pain points with a deep, direct integration between ecommerce and your point of sale

Treez Ecommerce Shop All page, featuring this week's Buy-One-Get-One deals and additional products

Advanced Discounts Engine

• Run your choice of promotions seamlessly, with discounts and deals controlled centrally from your SellTreez point of sale

• Promote BOGO deals, rewards, coupons, and product-level discounts with less friction between your online and in-store shopping experiences

• Be empowered to run a different deal every day of the week, with banners that update on your schedule

Treez Ecommerce featuring a Stiiizy Buy-One-Get-One special, which prompts customers to complete the bundle to get the deal.

Customization Options

• Maintain full control over the imagery and content seen on your website, without the need to pay extra for a developer or agency

• Easily customize the look, feel, and navigation of your online menu, with options to center commerce on every page – from your homepage to blogs and more

Treez Ecommerce home page, featuring this week's special promotions and links to each product category page