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With Grow Treez, cannabis cultivators have all the software tools necessary to run a streamlined, profitable business. Designed by actual cannabis cultivators, our unique plant tracking software  puts your real-world needs and workflows first —helping your cannabis cultivation business stay competitive by tracking and controlling your operations , from planting through harvesting, to curing and packaging. All transactions, business expenses, and operations are tracked and optimized, assisting in producing a healthy bottom line while keeping you 100% compliant within all state track-and-trace regulations. User-friendly and rigorously tested, our Grow Treez plant tracking software goes beyond what’s required by law and offers the specific solutions cannabis cultivators crave. Join the hundreds of cultivators and manufacturers who are already connecting more effortlessly to the seed to sale supply chain with the Treez software ecosystem.

Integrate your Current Hardware with Treez!

Grow Treez cannabis cultivation and plant tracking software works easily with the hardware you already have in place. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device, our Grow Treez software is optimized for display across all environments.

  • Leave complicated reporting in the past with easily exportable and customizable reports.

  • Easily manage your data, inventory, team, shipments, tasks, and more.

  • Simplify bookkeeping with  our QuickBooks integration, allowing for effortless data transfer.

  • Make the most of your data and do business any time of day or night with our secure 24/7 B2B store.

  • Gain the freedom you need to focus your time, energy, and resources on sales, strategy, and growth.

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