Your Favorite Cannabis Buyers Event is Powered by Treez

Camille Demere
A brightly colored temporary dispensary floor packed with Hall of Flowers conference goers

The highly-anticipated Hall of Flowers 2023 in Santa Rosa, California is finally taking place this week, and if there’s one thing you make sure you do, that’s visit the on-site dispensary full of limited releases, new drops, and celebrity products. Treez is the leading cannabis retail software platform and plays a vital role in the on-site dispensary, providing all point-of-sale services and technology for the on-site dispensary experience since 2019.

Hall of Flowers has literally been called the Coachella of cannabis. It’s where serious retailers, industry participants, business owners, and cannabis fans from all over the world gather to discover innovative new products and celebrate the California focus and heritage of the cannabis industry.

Behind the counter of a dispensary are several budtenders serving clients at the Hall of Flowers Dispensary powered by Treez

Hall of Flowers is a one-of-a-kind show that centers on the weed industry, with several unique consumption lounges where retail buyers can interact with cannabis brands’ products on-site. This year, Santa Rosa will be the singular Hall of Flowers show in the United States.

The onsite Hall of Flowers Dispensary is always a highlight of the show. It’s an opportunity for brands to get their samples in front of buyers and for attendees to try out unique drops, new products, and the freshest flower in the industry. Buyers visit each brand booth, collecting tickets to then use to pickup at the dispensary. All the volume gets ushered to the dispensary and handled with ease by NUG and Treez.

Treez’s story also begins in California. We were founded in Oakland, CA in 2016 and today hold the largest point of sale market share (40%) in the state. Treez has been powering the technology for the Dispensary since 2019 and is instrumental in providing a seamless and efficient experience for retail buyers to explore and discover the latest cannabis products, all while ensuring the highest level of compliance.

A pie chart shows the Hall of Flower Product Types by revenue - Flower has 40%, Preroll 20% and cartridge, edible and beverage are also represented

Last year’s Hall of Flowers in October was pretty impressive. Hundreds of brands submitted their products, giving buyers the opportunity to try firsthand the freshest flower, new products, and unique drops. The Hall of Flowers Dispensary powered by Treez processed nearly 2700 transactions in October with 113 unique brands represented. Importantly, the dispensary boasted an average transaction time of only 1.2 minutes, meaning attendees were able to make their purchases quickly and the line moved smoothly all day.

To get a sense of what moved last year and prepare for this year, we pulled the Product Type Performance for the Hall of Flowers dispensary, October 2022 edition. A whopping 17,135 units were sold over the two-day event, with many products and strains selling out completely. Flower accounted for 40% of gross receipts, followed by prerolls at 20%, edibles at 16%, cartridges at 10%, and beverages at 4%.

Debit payments made up about 23% of all transactions throughout the show. We’ve seen close to that same percentage of debit utilization for several shows in a row. Will debit payments creep above 25% this session?

Looking ahead to this week’s Santa Rosa show, Treez will once again provide a seamless retail experience, supported by the NUG dispensary team. If you’re at Hall of Flowers, come say hi! Drop by our booth to see the Latest Version of Treez up close and of course, make sure to go shopping at the on-site dispensary and see Treez in action.

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