You Deserve a High Grade MJBizCon Experience

Natasha Nicholas
the logo for 12th Annual MJBizCon and Treez displays over the phrase "You Deserve a High-Grade MJBizCon Experience" Treez will be attending the annual cannabis conference in Vegas and is excited to see their customers

MJBizCon 2023 will be my 2nd MJBizCon and my something-like-my-50th cannabis event. I love them! I love the energy of being in-person. I love getting to meet other women in the cannabis industry and see what they’re building in this largely male industry.  I love seeing friends and business partners transform from Zoom squares to real life connections, like the folks from Respect My Region and Oak PR. I love seeing what’s new from an industry-building perspective and as a cannabis consumer (PuffCo, I will be finding time to drop by your booth!). In short, I love MJBizCon! And trust me, I have some hard-earned advice and wisdom that I’d love to share with you to get the highest grade MJBizCon experience possible. 

Schedule appointments with exhibitors in advance

Many exhibitors offer pre-scheduled appointments to qualified buyers. This will give you a chance to meet with key decision-makers and get your foot in the door. This proactive approach ensures that you make the most of your MJBizCon experience. Imagine it as having a backstage pass to the cannabis industry's biggest show. By scheduling appointments, you not only get to bypass the crowds and long lines but also secure quality face-time with industry leaders and innovators. It's like having a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town during a food festival – you skip the wait and dive straight into the delicious conversations and opportunities. So, why is it the smartest move? Because it's your express ticket to networking, learning, and elevating your cannabis game at MJBizCon 2023.

Plan your evenings with even more attention to detail

Business cards get exchanged on the conference floor, but everyone knows deals get done after hours. Most parties will be within a short stoned cab ride, but you still should plan as few venue changes as you can get away with, and consider mapping out a loop that leaves you back at your hotel. Realistically, you can hit the floor, 1-2 hotel meetings, 1 pre-party, 2-3 parties before you have to call it a night. Our friends at Distru have been collecting events and parties, if you’re looking to fill out your social card or are planning an event and have one to add.

Dress professionally but with a touch of personality

MJBizCon is a business event, so it's important to make a good impression. However, don't be afraid to show off your personal style. Consider incorporating cannabis-inspired elements into your attire to subtly signal your industry expertise. There are more than 2 football fields worth of exhibits so you might also want to opt for a business casual sneaker rather than heels or loafers.

Get your hands on some product!

Whether you’re testing out a new cultivar to consider carrying or taking some tech for a spin, the beauty of a conference is that we’re all in person to experience it! You’ve done your research, now it's time to see products in action. And in the world of cannabis that means taking smoking devices, strains, and form factors of cannabis delivery for a spin.  Here’s a few places you can try some new products:

Two smiling budtenders hold up Jardin bags with Las Vegas photography behind them and grinders and strains in display cases ahead of them

Jardin Las Vegas

With a fun, Miami-style vibe, Jardín was designed to be a destination and to elevate the dispensary experience by offering a unique luxury environment, while at the same time creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for diverse clientele. Jardín works with the finest cannabis brands and the authenticity and warmth of their highly-trained team members has made Jardín a draw for locals, tourists and celebrities alike.

Lights on the outside of a building say "NUWU", this is the outside of the Sky High Lounge

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is located in Las Vegas & is the largest marijuana dispensary worldwide. Located on Las Vegas' historic Main Street, NUWU offers a unique shopping experience you won't find anywhere else in the market. Reserve a space at the Sky High Lounge and indulge in two dab bars, breathtaking views of Fremont Street and the iconic Las Vegas Strip from the rooftop terrace, and craft cannacocktails. 

Visuals have the MJBizcon logo and the Treez logo
You deserve Treez; Booth #6808

Follow up with the people you meet after the event

Send a LinkedIn request and a thank you note to everyone you meet, and follow up with them to continue the conversation. Nurture the connections you make at MJBizCon. These relationships can lead to future collaborations and growth opportunities.

By following these insider tips, you can turn your MJBizCon experience into a high-grade success, maximizing your opportunities to learn, network, and elevate your business to new heights. Remember, MJBizCon is not just about attending sessions and collecting business cards; it's about immersing yourself in the vibrant cannabis community, seizing opportunities, and having a blast along the way. 

Will you be at MJBizCon?

Join us at Treez’s booth #6808! 


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