Treez + Lendica: Data driven financing solutions that help dispensaries scale their business

Treez Team
A swirling tree is behind two logos - one is the Treez, white and green with the enterprise platform of the cannabis industry and the next is lendica, a white lettermark with a orange dot. The image reads "We partnered up"

What is Lendica?

Lendica is the cannabis industry’s financing engine. The Lendica + Treez partnership unlocks nearly instant access to affordable and transparent funding products in just a few clicks. Their toolbox of lending products is designed to equip small and mid-sized dispensaries with the tools they need to scale their business.

Lendica’s most popular products are PayLater and DrawDown. PayLater, an inventory finance product, allows customers to delay payments to their vendors. DrawDown offers our customers flexible working capital to invest in marketing and expansion.

These products can be accessed quickly through the Lendica Application Center. Once approved, operators can immediately select individual or bulk invoices to PayLater or DrawDown capital for everyday operations. Lendica provides the capital and uses its secure payment platform to easily collect and distribute funds.

Delaying vendor payments has become even easier with the PayLater portal where retailers can now delay vendor payments faster. Simply drag and drop vendor bills into the portal and finance them with just a couple of clicks. Check out the 90 second Youtube video to see how it works.

A screenshot of a demo lendica platform - the user is being directed to upload an invoice inside PayLater, and a sample invoice for $1143 of cartridges is show

How do Treez and Lendica work together?

Instant access, competitive rates - right where you need it.

Treez and Lendica share a mission of helping dispensaries scale their business. Sometimes, if not all the time, this means obtaining short-term capital solutions from lenders. Our whole notion when talking about capital needs is short-term lending, long term scalability for our mutual clients which is why we partnered up to be able to provide our clients with the capital that will help them grow. 

Historically, the process for accessing loans has been confusing and takes much longer than it needs to take. No more wasting time with dead-end financial institutions and more time focused on scaling the business. Lendica’s software provides transparent funding options right where and when the customer needs it – at their ‘point of decision.’ Smart operators already know the importance of optimizing their cash flow throughout the supply chain – Lendica makes it easy.

Treez and Lendica work together to effectively analyze consumer data specific to your business which allows Lendica to qualify retailers at rates that work for them. This allows our mutual clients to feel comfortable and confident that their loan fits their business needs.

A screenshot of a demo lendica platform is shown, with a Deal Confirmation page for an invoice - Invoice Paylater has been activated

How do I access it?

Currently a SellTreez POS customer interested in funding from Lendica? 

Apply Here

New to SellTreez POS?

If you’re ready to upgrade your point-of-sale to help grow your dispensary, Treez is here to help. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation demo today to see how the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform in the cannabis industry will get your business to the next level.

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