Treez Announces New Advanced Tools to Help Cannabis Retailers Become Profitable

A computer laptop is displayed with graphs on profitability with the headline overlayed "Treez Announces New Advanced Tools to Help Cannabis Retailers Become Profitable"

 Treez has announced groundbreaking feature releases to its already robust suite of services, including advanced functionalities within Retail Analytics, the introduction of TreezPay 2.0 and Treez Headless eCommerce.

"At Treez, our number one goal is to help our retail customers become profitable with advanced tools and insights that reduce labor, lower operational cost and drive revenue growth," said Joey Sterling, VP of Product of Treez. "We’ve consistently heard from our customers that they need

  • enhanced data capabilities to make better business decisions
  • faster access to diverse, stable digital payment solutions to grow average order value
  • a more streamlined online storefront to increase eCommerce sales and provide a best-in-class consumer experience.

With today’s announcement and upcoming showcase at MJBizCon, we’re excited to bring these innovative solutions to retailers and will not be stopping there."

Automate and Customize Data to Optimize Business Performance and Efficiency

Treez's Retail Analytics platform, introduced a year ago, has become the cornerstone for maximizing the potential of cannabis retail businesses by making data easily accessible, digestible, and actionable.

Treez is unveiling transformative enhancements to the analytics platform including the ability to create custom dashboards providing retailers with personalized data views like:

  • profitability reporting
  • customer data parsing
  • visualized budtender adherence to discounting and upselling initiatives
  • and more.

Additionally, Treez will also directly automate seamless data integrations with third-party business intelligence or enterprise resource planning solutions, empowering larger operators to connect their retail data from Retail Analytics to their other business systems for a comprehensive view of business performance and adjustments—all within one interface.

Faster Access to Stable and Redundant Digital Payment Solutions that Grow Revenue

TreezPay 2.0 is a comprehensive upgrade to the leading integrated digital cashless payment platform that consistently boosts retailers' average monthly revenue by over 25%.

With the TreezPay One Application customers can expedite approvals for cashless payment applications, streamlining the expansion of payment options. With the TreezPay Portal, customers can streamline reconciliation of payment reports, and enable flexible management of payment options for all of their locations within their existing Treez POS account. The enhanced TreezPay Gateway, supported by improved backend software, offers payment processors easy integration with an expansive retail distribution network, enhancing visibility and partnerships in the industry.

Customize the Consumer Online Shopping Experience and Increase eCommerce Sales

Treez Headless eCommerce is an enhanced API-driven solution specifically designed to enable third-party developers to create custom, high-performing, and scalable online storefronts for retailers.

With the versatility and power of the Treez Headless eCommerce solution, retailers can build a unique and engaging online shopping interface using their preferred framework, liberating retailers from the constraints of iFrames and third-party marketplaces.

With complete SEO control, retailers can optimize their dispensary's website for organic traffic, implementing SEO best practices, customizable metadata, and optimized content. Treez Headless eCommerce also streamlines the dispensary's online infrastructure by providing a single, integrated platform, eliminating the need for multiple eCommerce providers and reducing complexity and overhead costs.

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