Treez Adds new integrated In-Store ACH Option to TreezPay Cashless Payment Solutions

Treez Team
A screenshot of an ACH checkout process is shown, there is a QR code with instructions to scan, and a checkout flow with Select your Bank and a Success! screen

Treez announces in-store integrated ACH to provide retailers an easy, secure, and compliant way to transact digitally 

In-Store ACH is the latest addition to the TreezPay suite of cashless payment solutions, now available to provide your customers with the most convenient, compliant & secure payment option on the market for in-store checkout.

Retailers now have the option to push and accept integrated in-store ACH payments at checkout providing them a seamless digital payment alternative to cash and cards. Using a unique QR code generated by Treez and displayed on your customer-facing pole display, customers will be able to securely link their bank account and scan to instantly pay for their purchases at checkout.

Integrated in-store ACH offers the ability to transact with customers digitally via the Automated Clearing House rather than traditional debit and credit rails. Employing this modality of payment provides many impactful benefits to the merchant and end user. Several of these benefits are highlighted below.

Benefits of In-Store ACH Payments 

  1. Increased security through decreased cash handling risk
  2. Increased revenue through increased customer average spend 
  3. Predictable per transaction cost structure
  4. No hardware or setup requirements
  5. No card requirement
  6. Perceived to be the most compliant cannabis payment offering

Recent trends in mobile commerce payments, indicate increased customer appetite for mobile payment solutions like ACH. Per a recent FIS report, Mobile payments are projected to outgrow all other types of solutions between 2020-2024.

A chart shows North America POS payment methods for 2020 and projections for 2024 - Credit Cards, debit cards, cash, all stay about the same, dibital mobile wallet increases from 9.6% in 2020 to a projected 15.5% in 2024

Offering your customers multiple ways to pay will lead to an increased number of transactions and 40% higher average order value compared to traditional cash or other payment types. 

In-store transactions facilitated by TreezPay are speedier, and your customers can get all the products they want without being limited by the cash in their wallets. Transactions utilizing TreezPay solutions reduce your average ticket times by up to 15%. That means you can complete more transactions in less time and reduce costs while substantially increasing revenue.

Improve the availability of cashless payment options in-store & create a more modern cannabis shopping experience at your dispensary with in-store ACH payments. 

To learn more on how to get started with TreezPay, contact us for a free demo. For step by step instructions on how to enable in-store ACH, visit the help center article TreezPay: In-Store ACH.

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