Treez Spring Product Launch

Treez Team

Each season we take some time to celebrate the value that the Treez product team has delivered in the past quarter and help our clients understand how to best leverage the latest features and enhancements for retail growth.

This past spring, we focused on enabling retail growth through the strengthening of our open technology ecosystem. Read on for more information about each of the new features and partner integrations included in the Spring Launch.

To see demos of each feature and learn more about how you can use Treez and our open API ecosystem to create the customer experience of your dreams, watch the on-demand replay of our Spring Launch event by filling out the form below.

Watch the replay of the Treez Spring Product Launch Webinar:

Weedmaps Live Menu + Orders Integration with SellTreez

What is it?

Weedmaps Orders and Menu are now fully powered by Treez’s robust API rails, improving your ordering process and live menu management by allowing dispensaries to track and manage all pickup and delivery orders placed through Weedmaps directly in your SellTreez point-of-sale (POS). Treez and Weedmaps have come together to bring you a fully integrated solution that will drive new sales and operational efficiency through centralized menu management, real-time inventory updates and streamlined order fulfillment workflows.

How do I access it?

Mutual customers of Treez and Weedmaps can set up the Live Menu + Orders integration by obtaining their API key from the Treez support team at and then contacting their Weedmaps representative at to configure the integration. Visit our Help Center for a detailed breakdown of integration setup.

If you’re a Weedmaps business customer who is not using the SellTreez POS, get in touch with our team to discuss how Treez could help empower your team to grow.

A customer's hand is shown, picking up cannabis in a childproof cannabis bag, below that are visualizations of shopping carts, a pickup order receipt and a shopping bag

Tymber Native E-commerce Integration with SellTreez

What is it?

Tymber is a digital commerce platform that enables cannabis retailers to attract, convert, retain, and own their customers. In a highly competitive market, customer ownership is key to driving long-term success.

Through a tight integration, mutual customers will experience seamless product information synchronization, inventory updates, customer profile management, and ticket fulfillment through the Treez POS. Utilizing Tymber's powerful admin portal, retailers have the ability to build a beautiful and unique presence online, driving multi-channel sales and business to their storefronts.

How do I access it?

Existing SellTreez customers should contact to request an API key for your Treez account. Once you have obtained the API Key, reach out to your Tymber point of contact or email With the API Key, together we can create your store and link your POS to Tymber e-commerce.

If you’re new to Treez, contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about how we can support your omnichannel sales growth.

Schedule delivery visualization for cannveya is shown with vapes displayed and a delivery time for today

How do I access it?

Current SellTreez customers should request an API key from Treez support at and then contact their Cannveya representative to finish syncing. Read more about setting up the integration and how it works in our Help Center.

If you’re not yet using the SellTreez POS, contact us to learn more about how we can support your growth by enabling compliance at scale.

Dynamic Delivery: powered by Tymber x Treez x Cannveya

What is it?

Dispensary operators can take advantage of the technology partners within Treez's open API ecosystem to offer their customers stellar experiences for online ordering and fast, ice cream truck delivery. Our close partnership and deep integration with two cannabis tech leaders—Tymber and Cannveya—offers a complete and compliant dynamic delivery solution.

Create the delivery experience of your dreams using the combined strengths of three industry leaders, whether you’re operating an ice cream truck or pizza delivery model. Service more customers faster with Tymber’s native, customizable online ordering, SellTreez’s robust product management and fulfillment modules, and Cannveya’s built-for-cannabis delivery logistics management for both dispatchers and drivers.

How do I access it?

Existing SellTreez customers should follow the instructions above to set up your Tymber and Cannveya integrations with Treez, then ensure that Tymber and Cannveya are configured appropriately for the delivery model of your choice. See Tymber’s Help Center for additional information about setup between Cannveya and Tymber.

What is it?

SellTreez’s new Retail Transfers feature enables retailers with multiple locations or a centralized distribution hub to move inventory compliantly from one location to another without redundant work.

Retailers will now be able to send, receive and log all inventory movement between locations. Using Treez’s direct METRC integration, the details of every transfer can be pushed to METRC easily, eliminating the need to build out the transfer report in both platforms and reducing the risk of human error that could result in regulatory penalties.

For additional compliance support, the ability to generate a printable manifest helps keep your drivers compliant without any additional time or effort.

 How do I access it?

Retail Transfers is currently in a limited-release beta and slated for general availability by the end of June 2022. If you’re a current Treez customer, follow the SellTreez Product Updates topic in our Help Center to be notified when Transfers is available to you, along with the rest of the latest releases and enhancements to your SellTreez POS.

What is it?

Treez is here to help dispensary operators navigate payments & maximize revenue amidst ongoing industry challenges. In-Store ACH is the latest addition to the TreezPay suite of cashless payment solutions, now available to provide your customers with the most convenient and compliant payment option on the market for in-store use.

Using a unique QR code generated by Treez and displayed on your customer-facing pole display for each transaction, customers will be able to securely connect their bank account and pay for their purchases near-instantaneously at checkout.

Offering your customers multiple ways to pay will lead to increased transactions and AOV compared to traditional cash sales. As we’ve seen with other TreezPay cashless payment solutions, retailers experience–on average–more than a 25% increase in monthly revenue after signing up for TreezPay, and ACH for e-commerce results in up to 40% higher average order

How do I access it?

Existing Treez customers can contact their customer success manager to explore how In-Store ACH and other TreezPay cashless payment solutions could work for their business. If you’re not sure who to contact, reach out to our support team at and they’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

If you’re new to Treez, contact our TreezPay team to learn more about how cashless payments can help you unlock further revenue growth.

Here at Treez, we recognize that our retail clients have unique needs and believe that enabling control and choice in your tech stack is the best way to empower you to grow your business. When retailers grow, the industry thrives.

To access the on-demand replay of our Spring Launch webinar, including demos of all of the above features, fill out the form above.

If you’re new to Treez and are ready to upgrade your point-of-sale to help grow your dispensary, we’re here to help. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation demo today to see how the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform in the cannabis industry will get your business to the next level.

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