Retailers Can Now Access Treez’s Enhanced Alpine IQ Integration

Camille Demere
AIQ and Treez logos and screenshots show the top tier integration between Alpine IQ loyalty and Treez point of sale system

In our recent webinar, we showed off our groundbreaking integration between Treez and Alpine IQ that’s already transforming the customer experience for cannabis retailers. Treez’s integration with AIQ is top-tier – we literally have the highest tier integration with AIQ for point of sale systems. That means the way that both services talk to each other is the cleanest, fastest, and most integrated in the industry and most importantly, that points and balances can now update in real time between AIQ and Treez. 

Read on to find out how this enhanced integration will upgrade your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction to the highest possible in the cannabis retail space.

More about the AIQ + Treez integration:

Real-time Customer Data Sync: Customer information updates instantly across both platforms. No more data discrepancies or manual uploads, just seamless and automated accuracy within both platforms.

a short gif shows the ability to link customers between AIQ and Treez using phone numbers and emails

Direct Loyalty Program Enrollment: Enroll customers into a loyalty program directly within the Treez POS.

the image shows two places customers can enroll in AIQ loyalty, either in the AIQ signup form or the Treez POS form

Instant Visibility of Loyalty Status: Gain immediate insights into a customer’s loyalty program status, empowering retailers to personalize their shopping experience.

A gif shows the ability to quickly see inside Treez POS that a customer has a AIQ loyalty account that is linked to their customer profile

Easy Access to Rewards: Offer customers the ease of redeeming their rewards and discounts during check out, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. Retailers can also give BOGO and product-level discounts with the enhanced integration.

A gif shows the ability for budtenders to redeem AIQ points easily in the POS during purchase

The impact of integrated loyalty and point of sale

Integrated loyalty inside SellTreez POS with the enhanced AIQ integration makes it easier to get customers excited about signing up for rewards. When customers can see and use their loyalty rewards as they check out, they’re more likely to keep coming back. 

Our Treez + AIQ enhanced integration is a win for everyone! Customers get a treat for their loyalty, budtenders have one less tab to keep open during transactions, and retailers get even better utilized loyalty programs and profitability.

Did you miss our joint webinar with AIQ going over the enhanced integration?

Watch the replay now to see how your dispensary can drive deeper loyalty.

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