[Webinar Series] Puff, Pass, Profit: A 420 Masterclass for Retailers

We designed our 420 Masterclass series to get you and your staff prepared with the data, the mindset, and the goals to crush 4/20 this year. Join us for one or more "seshes" over two weeks to get your dispensary prepped for the biggest sales day of the year.

We're covering it all from marketing & discounts to stocking the right inventory, staffing plans, and driving revenue with the right payment options. Scroll to find the one (or several) for you!

Before you can delight your customers with deals, giveaways, and exclusive drops, you have to know for certain those products will be on the shelves to sell and that you’ll have just enough!

Inventory managers, our first sesh is for you (but designed so everyone can take something away).

Hear from Treez Inc. team Elling Hofland, retail data expert & Olivia Cooper, customer success manager with an extensive background in cannabis retail plus Jared Shulman, co-founder & CEO of Lendica.

We'll share insights and answer your questions about product assortment and what we see in the numbers for 2024 on Monday, March 11.

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4/20 is the biggest shopping day of the year, but do you know what sector of customers consistently spend the most on that day? By far, the answer is cashless payments users and that group grows year over year.

With cashless payments, you allow your customers, not an ATM machine to choose the amount they spend. 

Through our integrated payments data, we have a clear picture of how cashless payments affect your profits on 4/20 and tips on how to get your staff and shop on the same page to harness them this year. 

Treez payments experts Josh Lamb and Nick Kane will be sharing data, insights and advice Tuesday, 3/12 and answering your questions of cashless payments.

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In our third sesh on Monday, March 18th, attendees will get a deep look at how marketing and discounting for 4/20 is different from the rest of the year and what advice stays the same no matter the holiday.

Sr. customer success manager Bianca Jayanty will be celebrating her fifth 420 in the industry and professional services engineer Tito Jimenez his fourth. They’ll bring their hard-earned marketing and discounting expertise to our sesh, plus insights gleaned from supporting some of the biggest and best cannabis retailers in industry.

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420 is going to be the busiest day of the year by far. Preliminary data shows retailers can expect 2x-3x the amount of visitors and this 420 being on a Saturday suggests more customers waiting at doors open. What can you do now to make sure your staff is prepared to handle that kind of volume? How do you identify opportunities for upsell and high volume training in the next few weeks? Retail and staffing experts Yonel Prasad and Matt Rogers will share their experience and insights and answer your questions in our final sesh of the masterclass on Tuesday, March 19.

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Get ready for 420

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