Maximize Green Wednesday Sales with Cashless Debit Payments

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The holiday shopping season is here and with inflation high, the deals couldn’t come at a better time. For cannabis consumers this means stocking up the day before Thanksgiving, called Green Wednesday. This cannabis holiday has become a day for cannabis consumers to visit their local dispensary before the long holiday weekend. 

In recent years, sales on Green Wednesday have soared, coming in 2nd to the biggest day of sales of the year, 420. Cannabis sales that day are generally 40% higher than a typical Wednesday in November, according to research firm BDSA

Green Wednesday was created by a cannabis delivery company in 2016 when they noticed a large increase in sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a trend that has continued to grow each year.  With the precedent of the last five noted Green Wednesdays, this season will likely be even bigger.

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Sales through our TreezPay cashless payment solutions for retailers increased 122% YOY when comparing 2020 to 2021 sales. TreezPay tickets also saw a significant increase of 134% YOY.

If you’re not offering debit payments in your dispensary, you’re limiting your cart size and missing out on revenue. 

Clients who have implemented debit payments in their shop have seen a 40% increase in average order value and a 26% increase in monthly revenue.

With Treez debit payments you can maximize revenue, speed up transaction times & simplify the shopping experience, all in time for the second busiest day in sales of the year.

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Benefits of debit payments:

  • Reduced liability & risk. Requiring the 4 digit PIN on debit card transactions greatly reduces the possibility of fraud. 
  • Payments to the penny. With integrated PIN Debit, your transactions are charged at exactly the transaction amount, which means there is no need to return change to your customer or charge them a transaction fee.
  • Contactless. PIN debit terminals are also able to process contactless payments through a debit card using a mobile wallet. 
  • Tipping. Incentivize your budtenders by giving your customers the ability to add a tip with pre-calculated prompts based on a percentage of the total transaction. 
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With Green Wednesday right around the corner, there’s no better time to take advantage of this limited time offer that will boost your sales even further.

Sign up and get approved for debit payments in your dispensary by 11/23 to receive up to $1,500 in free debit terminals and a $250 Amazon gift card on us.

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