With New Learning Platform LearnTreez, Onboarding And Training Are A Breeze

A text illustration displays the words "reduce pain of onboarding & access best practices with LearnTreez comprehensive training videos and quizzes". Surrounding the text are icons representing point of sale, customer management, security, storage, delivery and shopping.

If you’re reading this, chances are one of two things are true. Either you are preparing to make an investment in cannabis point of sale software or your dispensary has chosen Treez as your point of sale, selecting success in cannabis business with Treez’s industry-leading Retail Analytics, seamless integrations, and secure, integrated cashless payment options.

For readers who have grown with Treez for years, you may remember that when you first joined the Treez family, our specialists walked you through each feature, creating a tailored success plan aligned with your dispensary's unique needs and objectives. Together, we ensured your team was well-versed in the navigating Treez as you kicked off.

On the search for the right cannabis point of sale? Don’t forget onboarding. Choosing the Right Cannabis POS Vendor: A Comprehensive Onboarding Guide

Every cannabis retail employee, regardless of their start date, deserves to feel comfortable within the software they use daily. And whether it's been years since you worked with Treez or you’ve just been welcomed to the forest, you deserve to get the most out of your investment in Treez for the lifetime of your dispensary.

Knowledge gaps come with time, regular staff turnover, and busy schedules ultimately diminishing the value of your investment in Treez. So, how do we keep the whole team up-to-speed without overburdening your already busy managers? How do we stave off stagnant knowledge and keep Treez customers in-the-know in an interactive, graded way? How do we add more value to your point of sale system?

With LearnTreez, our self-paced education platform, every Treez user can familiarize themselves with the basics and best practices of the Treez platform, whether they’ve just joined your staff or are making a lateral move within your organization. And what's more: seasoned staff can go back and refresh their knowledge and quiz themselves to stay sharp. 

A certificate with the title Treez Management with designating a dispensary manager has been deemed proficient in SellTreez and management competencies. This certificate is being presented to Trisha Jones. A Treez logo and signatures from Treez employees are shown.

Our course catalog is built around real-world needs for cannabis dispensary front of house, back of house and management, and creating using industry best practices. Reduce the pain of onboarding, familiarize yourself with all the capabilities of Treez, and keep your staff informed on best practices with LearnTreez courses in:

Front of House Training 

  1. Reception 
  2. SellTreez POS 
  3. Online Fulfillment

Back of House Training

  1. Product Management 
  2. Discount Management 
  3. Inventory Management 

Management Training

  1. Treez Configuration 
  2. Cash Handling 
  3. In App Reporting 

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