The Future of Cannabis Payments is…NOW

We all know how volatile the world of cannabis cashless payments has been over the last year. From full on outages to sunsetted solutions, it’s been hard to navigate. If you’re a cannabis retailer, your head is on a swivel looking for the right balance of economics, customer experience, and stability in your payment offerings. You’re hoping that, with rescheduling coming and hopefully legalization on the horizon, the future of payments will be much brighter (and simpler).

The good news is that the future of cannabis payments is actually here and now.

When you speak to cannabis retailers today, they want access to all potential ways their customers want to pay. And they want that access easily without having to jump through hoops and filling out application after application. They want those solutions to be interchangeable and seamless to the consumer, so there’s not a ton of friction in the sales process. They want to be able to process a transaction, see that transaction in their reporting platform, reconcile it to their POS data, and pay out tips accurately. And they want it to be cost effective for them and their customers. Not too much to ask for, is it?

Well, turns out, yeah in cannabis, it is. 🙂 Until now.

Introducing the most sophisticated payments platform in cannabis: TreezPay 2.0 – now fully available to all TreezPay customers.

Yes, this is a promotional post. But it really, truly does solve the issues above. And we’re quite proud of that!

Here is everything you need to run the best cashless payments experience in the cannabis retail space today:

The Most Payment Solutions Available in Cannabis

You may ask, how does Treez provide retailers a path to accessing all payment solutions that easily? That’s where the TreezPay Gateway comes in. Gateway is our backend platform that is built so all third-party payment providers can build an easy two-way integration into Treez and be a readily available solution to our customers. Today, we have the largest number of payment solutions available in the industry, with more coming. The Gateway also powers the TreezPay Portal where you, the retailer, can toggle solutions on and off as you see fit.

One Universal Application to Access All Solutions

You’ve probably already heard about the TreezPay One App – a universal application that allows you to apply and get approved to all integrated payment solutions within one simple process. The One App has actually been around for a minute, and our customers love being able to easily access all solutions and provide their customers with as many potential ways they want to pay as possible.

"I never thought I'd find myself impressed by a merchant processor application, yet somehow TreezPay One has done it. Getting signed up takes less than a minute, and the application itself is a breeze compared to any other process I've personally encountered during my 7.5 years in the cannabis industry. I am blown away by the efficiency of being able to sign up for all payment options with a single application," says Tyler Licata, Director of Operations at Higher Level Dispensaries.

Read how Higher Level used TreezPay to increase revenue and get acquired

Best-In-Market Reporting and Reconciliation

Also within the TreezPay Portal, you will have the ability to view and analyze all of your transaction reporting allowing you to reconcile all of your sales across all of your payment types – cash, debit, credit, ACH, and more. You’ll also be able to accurately distribute tips to your employees, based on who is tied to each transaction. Access all the payments reports you need centrally, without having to log into multiple third-party systems.

Ready Made for Traditional Payment Solutions

You won’t find anything like the new TreezPay Portal anywhere else in cannabis. And the most exciting part? Now you have everything you need for when (fingers crossed) traditional payment methods and solutions enter cannabis. Whether that’s in weeks, months, or years, you’ll be ready to accept any form of payment from any solution, anywhere. 

The future of payments truly is NOW. And it’s with TreezPay.

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