Drive Dispensary Profitability by Arming Your Whole Team with Data

Camille Demere
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The Newest Addition to the Treez Platform Makes Gaining Valuable Insights from Your Business Data Easy

At Treez we’re streamlining the operations of retailers of all sizes, so we understand the biggest insights needed in the industry.

When we add feedback from our own retail customers with our high level understanding of the market, we understand what cannabis retailers need to actually grow their businesses.

Retailers need to know which products on their shelves are moving, and which aren’t. They need to know which budtenders are star players and which need extra coaching. They need to see if a slow sales day hits all locations, or just one. They need to know when to account for spikes in demand for delivery and pickup orders.

Retailers need to know which e-commerce marketplaces are bringing them sales and which aren't. Which discount strategies lead to customer retention and which are pointless. They need to know which stores are carrying the team and which stores are lagging behind.  

Introducing… Retail Analytics

When we debuted our new Retail Analytics product at MJBizCon, we literally heard the sighs of relief from owners, general managers, and inventory leads. (Early access will begin rolling out in Jan 2023 to qualifying retailers - apply here.

The new Retail Analytics from Treez contains powerful and intuitive insights baked directly into your point of sale, so that leaders, managers, and budtenders can make real-time decisions with real-time data. We’ve cut out switching between browser tabs and the need to download .csv files to figure out basic stats.

Get a first look at how sellable velocity can upgrade your purchasing process

Treez added dashboards with every major role within your dispensary in mind. Your sales numbers, inventory, and what quantities to order are digestible. No need for a data science degree or dedicated analyst. And those numbers and metrics are available on mobile, so you can keep an eye on your business from wherever you are.

Budtenders can see their daily sales, how they stack against coworkers, and their direct impact on your business. Managers can easily spot opportunities for product education and coaching for retail staff through daily sales, product percentage, and discount usage. Inventory specialists can see what products are flying off the shelves, as well as any that are languishing and getting stale.

So little in cannabis sales reporting is both robust and easy to use. We’ve designed Retail Analytics with everything you need – and nothing you don’t – so you can stock your shelves with the right product, in the right assortment, and purchase that product from suppliers at the right price. 

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