Cannabis Retailers Can Boost Holiday Sales with Instant Financing Through Treez

A visual of an unpaid invoice shows an outstanding balance and a PayLater button. Above the Treez logo is a phrase "Pay Later with Lendica"

With less than 30 days until Green Wednesday, the high-stakes holiday shopping season has kicked in. Cannabis retailers, it's time to prime your inventory and brace for the buying frenzy that lies ahead with Green Wednesday and gift giving season on the horizon.

Even if your financial picture is tighter than previous years, you don’t want shoppers staring down empty shelves. Increase your buying bandwidth with the power of deferred payments, with Lendica’s revolutionary PayLater feature now available directly within the Treez portal. Treez customers can select ‘PayLater’ on a specific invoice to delay their vendor payment.

Customers who are new to Lendica are able to apply directly through the Treez portal and access instant approval. No need to go to a third party platform to access the application. See how to apply:

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You may already know that Treez has been integrated with Lendica for some time but with this latest release, Treez shatters industry norms, becoming the first cannabis POS to offer lending options embedded directly within the platform.

Through the PayLater button, located on each invoice line item inside SellTreez, all Treez retail customers get instant approvals for up to $10,000, with zero fees for the first month. The Lendica + Treez integration allows for instant approvals, so your PayLater funds can be used right away. Just click on the button next to the products you want to apply the delayed payment terms towards. 

See how to delay vendor payments with PayLater:

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When retailers delay vendor payments with PayLater, they gain:

  • Improved Cash Flow: Get more cash to spend on operations.
  • More Buying Power: Take advantage of quantity discounts by purchasing in bulk to expand margins on your products.
  • Instant Access: Treez retail customers can access instant funding options through PayLater lending choices directly within the Treez platform, eliminating the need to visit a third-party site.
  • Competitive Rates: Retailers can benefit from competitive rates for short-term capital solutions to help manage accounts payable and receivable.
  • Inventory Finance: The PayLater option allows customers to delay vendor payments, offering greater flexibility for retailers. The service offers up to $10,000 in funding and zero fees for the first month to help Treez retailers strengthen their cash position.

At the core of Treez and Lendica's partnership is a shared vision: Empowering dispensaries to scale beyond limits. We know that short-term lending means long-term scalability for our mutual clients. With our years-long integration and partnership and the new PayLater embedded feature, Treez and Lendica have doubled down on our commitment to provide our clients with the capital that will help them grow. 

Easily delay your vendor payments to improve cash flow and increase buying power directly within SellTreez POS with our embedded lending option through Lendica. 

Ready to free up cash flow for your dispensary?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lendica’s PayLater inside Treez:

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