Cannabis Cultivation & Dispensary Management System Software

The cannabis industry presents its own unique set of demands, with laws and regulations changing almost every day. Whether you’re on the cultivation or dispensary side of the cannabis business, you need a management software system that’s designed to handle every aspect of this exciting, ever-changing industry. It’s time you discovered the most powerful and intuitive dispensary point of sale, inventory management, and cultivation management software platform available for cannabis operators. It’s time you discovered Treez, the smart, powerful software that has all the practical solutions you’re searching for in your business. Our software was designed with you in mind, enabling you to conduct business the way you want to, take care of all the details you have to, and rest easy knowing you’re giving your customers the best possible experience.

Optimize your Cannabis Business with Treez

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and you need the tools to keep pace with that growth:

  • Mobilize your sales consultants and decrease customer wait times by decentralizing your point of sale with Sell Treez.

  • Experience fast, compliant, and complete customer signup in seconds with Treez’s cannabis cultivation and dispensary management system.

  • Analyze key data patterns in every aspect of your business — anytime, anywhere.

  • Streamline inventory management by maximizing yields and reducing shrinkage.

  • Online, mobile, in-store, and kiosk sales platforms are all customized with your branding.

  • Decentralized POS allows you to focus on your customer and adapt to the modern retail experience.

  • Reduce manual errors, increase average order size and auto-charge convenience fees with integrated payments.

  • Enjoy seed to sale traceability with auto-updates to reflect regulations, keeping you compliant within state Track-and-Trace regulations.

  • Stay connected locally, even in the event of an outage. With Treez software, you’ll have the power to intimately manage all your customer relationships and enjoy increased customer retention as a result.

Our software powers leading cannabis dispensaries and cultivators across the nation. As the trusted provider for the industry’s most reputable cannabis businesses, we manage over $1B in sales transactions annually. With Grow Treez, there’s no need to purchase additional hardware – it works with the hardware you already have in place. Whether you use a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, Grow Treez software is optimized for display across all environments. Easily exportable and customizable reports make grueling paperwork a thing of the past, while streamlining the management of your data, inventory, team, shipments, tasks and much more. And with our QuickBooks integration your bookkeeping is simplified. Leverage your data to work for both compliance and your business. Do business in your sleep while retailers, processors, and manufacturers purchase from your live store 24/7.

Grow your Cultivation Operation or Dispensary Business with Treez

Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for a while, you can grow as big as you can dream with our totally transparent cannabis dispensary banking solutions! Our banks know what you sell, so you don't have to worry about unexpected interruptions to your service. Automatic data capture reduces discrepancies by eliminating human error, while progressive convenience fee options let retailers customize the checkout experience. Simplicity, performance, and reliability are combined in our compact, feature-rich devices, arming operators with an affordable all-in-one payment solution.

With Sell Treez, Grow Treez, and Treez Pay, you have all the cannabis management software solutions you’ve been dreaming of. Designed by industry insiders with your dispensary in mind, our cutting edge cannabis software will help you stay competitive as you track and control your business expenses, while simultaneously increasing your profit margins. Sign up for our free demo today and take your cultivation operation or dispensary business to the next level!